About us

Saudara meaning "sibling" in Indonesian, which is fitting for the company co-founded by sisters Christina and Toni Voge in 2016.                                                  
It all started with their blog 2girls1backpack, a love for traveling the world, and a knack for pretty treasures.  Christina and Toni set out on their year-long adventure of traveling the world in 2015. From Australia to Europe, Southeast Asia to Mexico, their journey eventually ended in Bali, where Saudara was born.                 
Saudara encompasses a brand of timeless pieces that are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Bali. Each piece embraces its own unique design, allowing Bali's tradition and culture to shine. Leather and cow hide detail will perpetuate Saudara, as the brand embodies quality over quantity. Not only did traveling spark inspiration, but it continues to be the backbone of the brand's aesthetic appeal.

With each Saudara piece you are committing to a timeless treasure, where vintage deco meets modern runway.